Casa de Las Palmas

Lunch: $35.000 - Dinner: $55.000

The Casa de las Palmas restaurant (fama bar fusion), inside the homonymous hotel in Getsemaní, offers a wide and dreamy menu with natural products of their own production. This fusion motivated them to create an optimum and healthy menu, appropriate for customers who follow a balanced diet, helping them to have a better quality of life. Besides that, they offer a variety of creative cocktails that leave a good taste on the palate. They also plan and organize your meetings, parties and events.

Lunch Menu


  • Refreshing mixed tea.

Main Course

  • Ahuyama cream with quinoa, buns, meat carpaccio in caper sauce, sautéed potatoes in fine herbs, healthy salad.
  • Flutes stuffed with ham and cheese in carrot velutada, buns.
  • Ironed fish to the creole, plantain chips with suero of the house, fresh salad.
  • Minestra of Italian veggies, buns, Milanese chicken with mozzarella cheese and ham, mixture of carrots and potatoes, Cesar salad.



  • Mango Mousse.
  • Apple cake.
  • Blackberry Mousse.

Dinner Menu


  • Mint lemonade.
  • Tangerine lemonade.


Main Course

  • Stuffed avocado to the Mexican and buns.
  • Seafood casserole, patacones and suero of the house.
  • Bruschetta with tomatoes, basilic, and cheese, buns.
  • Saborita’s mixed picada, potato hulls, tempura lettuce, gratin veggies, buns.
  • "Róbalo" fillet to the three peppers in creamy coconut rice and plantain chips.


  • Brownie with ice cream.
  • Frozen fruits in ice cream.
  • Cookies dipped in ice cream.

Address Getsemaní, Cll. del Pozo Cra. 10b # 25-48


Monday - Sunday: 8:30 a.m - 10:30 p.m.

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