Nov 30 – Dec 9 2018

Welcome to Dónde Restaurant Week
Enjoy the best cuisine in Cartagena!


What is Dónde Restaurant Week?

The magnificent opportunity to conquer for 10 days a widely diverse audience, delighting their palates with exclusive menus at a fixed price. This time it will be a three-course menu for lunch, for $ 35,000 COP, and, another one for dinner, for $55,000 COP. For haute cuisine restaurants, $ 90,000 COP lunch, and $120,000 COP dinner, three courses respectively.
All of them with three choices of dishes each and with tax included. (It does not include beverages). The tip for the service on every restaurant is voluntary and is not included in the menu price.

Your opinion is important!

Rate the restaurants you visited.
You can qualify on a scale from 1 to 5 stars.

. 1 star () is "lousy" and 5 stars () is "excellent".